25th Year for Empowering Street Children

“Transforming adversity into opportunity, fostering resilience, and creating lasting change.”

Be Part of a legacy of journey of commitment! And you see the lives changing of these Neglected children.
Your involvement can break the cycle of despair for street children. Let's together celebrate 25 years of impactful change and create brighter tomorrows.
You can choose any of our projects in particular or general to help as a Partner. If you would prefer a particular project to help, we can allocate your funds to that specific component that is closest to your objectives.

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Azad Foundation's Plan 2024-2029 reflects the many changes that Azad is undertaking in its programming and operations to achieve more sustainable, results-oriented change for Street-Connected Children. Azad aims to strengthen government, civil society, and community through Advocacy and communication, capacity and coalition building to ensure more equitable, inclusive, and child-centred decision-making mechanisms for the exclusion of Street-connected children’s vulnerability, poverty, and gender inequality underlying causes; establish provincial monitoring and reporting systems with the collaborative effort of civil society for equitable access to essential services; Research to support policies and legislations, planning, partnerships, resource mobilization, decision-making, programme delivery and improve government reporting on national and international platforms.

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