Mobile Dispensary

During study of the street children in Pakistan it was identified that healthcare and diseases are a big problem of street children. With support from corporate sector in Karachi and other private donors Azad Foundation started a mobile dispensary unit in 2001-2 to address this problem of street children in Karachi. It was very first project of Azad Foundation which marked a huge success and hundreds if not thousands of street children in Karachi benefited from this service.
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In the year 2005, Azad Foundation and UNICEF got into partnership for provision of prevention and protection services through drop-in centers to the street children in Karachi. This is our longest running, still on-going and most sustainable project during which many successes were seen and new interventions were born out of it. The project completed its first tenure in first half of 2011 and was reinitiated in August 2011.
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DEHLEEZ (Rehabilitation Center & Shelter)

In the year 2007, Azad Foundation in collaboration with City District Government of Karachi established a night shelter and rehabilitation center (DEHLEEZ) to support the street children of Karachi and Pakistan in final phase of their social rehabilitation and reintegration. DEHLEEZ can accommodate 50 children and after on-going work it will be able to support up-to 75 children.
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DOST (Girls)

Azad Foundation extended its radius of intervention by including street working girls in Pakistan into its ambit of work during implementation of the DOST project with UNICEF in 2009. Machar Colony and Shereen Jinnah Colony were identified through field research and a KABPS study as the pilot sample for future interventions. The project completed its first tenure in first half of 2011 and was reinitiated in August 2011.
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Deep Sea Project

Deep Sea Project was initiated with the support of UNICEF as part of Day Care Center Proejct to explore the vulnerabilities of children working in deep sea and to design protective services and early warning system for vulnerable children which would deter a reasonable number of children becoming part of street life.
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Drug Abuse Treatment & HIV/AIDs Prevention

This pilot project was initiated in 2007 to lower the susceptibility of street children to drug addiction and HIV/AIDS through improved effectiveness of public institutions and NGO delivery of services in collaboration with UNODC Pakistan.
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Rehabilitation Center Dastak was established in 2004 with the support of private sector in Karachi and later European Commission, Group Development, France, ECPAT International and Foreign Ministry of Luxemberg supported it. It was designed to help street children both boys (street living) and working girls to develop a better, healthy, happy life; safety from all types of exploitation at intrapersonal and interpersonal level.
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