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How it all began...

About Street Child World Cup

Across the world millions of children live and work on the streets. Street Child World Cup is a global campaign for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children deserve. Through football, art and the only international street child conference our aim is to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children. This is more than a game.

The Street Child World Cup is a joint venture by Amos Trust (who founded Street Child World Cup in 2010), Momentum Arts (which led the arts programme in Durban 2010) and Action for Brazil’s Children (who will host the event in 2014). This Joint Venture partnership is called Street Child United and is a registered UK charity. The aim is to provide a platform for street children to be heard, to challenge negative stereotypes of street children and to promote the rights of street children.

Pakistan and Street Child World Cup

Azad Foundation, as part of its strategic evolution, adopted sports for development as a main strategy in its outreach operations in 2011 to engage street connected children in prevention and protection services as well as for promoting their rights in communities. Azad Foundation’s multi-fold sports for development programme is first in Pakistan for this population. Azad Foundation is the also the partner of Consortium for Street Children, a network of over 50 organizations worldwide working for global policy change for these children. The organizers of Street Children World Cup are also partners of the same network. Azad Foundation came across the opportunity to participate in Street Child World Cup in year 2012. Upon finding out the fact that Pakistan was not in the 2010 event, we reached out to the organizers aiming to represent the Pakistan’s children connected with streets. Azad Foundation did extensive advocacy and lobbying with support from Pakistanis around the globe. We finally secured a place in the SCWC 14 to represent Pakistan and street connected children of the country in the end of 2012.

The voice of Pakistan!

Pakistan is the only country participating in the Street Child World Cup having a national team and launching a national level campaign thanks to the vision of Azad Foundation. Azad Foundation is engaging multiple partners from across the country to bring a wide array of support for achieving objectives of the campaign. Our current partners include:

1- SAHIL (Islamabad)
2- DOST Foundation (Peshawar)

Following partnerships are being finalized:

1- Federal Ministry of Human Rights (Islamabad)
2- Directorate of Human Rights (Sindh)
3- Aman Foundation (Karachi)
4- Karachi United (Karachi)
5- Pahchaan (Lahore)
7- Plan International
8- Swiss Development Corporation

The Campaign...

Azad Foundation considers this a unique opportunity to raise voice for street connected children through out Pakistan. For this reason, we are planning to launch a national campaign in 10 cities of 4 provinces through our provincial partners.
Following are our campaign objectives:

1- Highlight key policy issues of street connected children in Pakistan at all public and private forums

2- Advocate for recognizing street connected children as a separate cross cutting child protection issue in Pakistan

3- Work towards development of provincial plans of actions for street connected children

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