Provincial Street Child Project (PSCP)


Azad Foundation intends to launch a province wide l campaign for the social uplifting of the street children in Pakistan. This campaign will lay the foundation for a province-wide intervention for street connected children. A pilot of which has already been initiated in 3 cities out of the total 13 cities. The Phase II of the project is set to be launched in April 2018 in which the PSCP will upscale to 8 cities. In this project, AF will partner with Government Stake holders and will work further with the government under protection and policy advocacy for children in street situations in provinces of Sindh.


Almost 2.6% of world’s out of school children live in Pakistan that is 24% (est. 22 million) of total children’s population of the country (UNCESCO EFA GMR – WIDE, 2012). Urban areas comprise of 36% of total population of Pakistan (UNICEF SOWC, 2012). It means that approximately 8 million out of school children live in large metropolitan cities where majority of them live in slums area, deprived of basic necessities like health, hygiene, clean water and healthy nutrition. They lack fundamental rights such as access to education, birth registration, protection and shelter. With increasing poverty and decreasing economic opportunities for marginalized population of the country, families are forced to engage their children in income generation activities, it is estimated that there are 8 to 10 million children involved in bonded labour, numbers of children in unboned labour are invisible till date. Living in such unfavourable environment may push a child towards street life and one day becoming a child living and/or working on streets which are already in a staggering number of 1.5 Million in Pakistan.


To contribute in improving situation and status of children in street situations in province of Sindh.

  • Improved provincial baseline situation analysis of children in street situations and information on their support mechanisms is available in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur to inform policy and programming.
  • Around 4000 children in street situations will be provided information and protection services through 3 protection centres, 1 mobile units, 4 KIOSKs and 1 transit care centre.
  • Sustainable rehabilitation and social reintegration is one of the main objectives of this program, will help children in street situations and/or their families through skill development referrals and economic support from existing government/private institutions and programmes
  • Almost 7000 at-risk children in 15 vulnerable communities will be prevented from becoming children in street situations through sports and like skills training
  • Capacity of government officials is developed through Resource Centre training programmes
  • Policy framework and implementation strategy of social protection policy and plan of action is developed for Sindh province.


2.5 years

Funding Required.

US$ 500,000/- Per Annum.

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