Prevention & Protection

Azad Foundation envisions a world where no child has to live and/or work on streets.


Under the overall umbrella of its Sports for Development programme, Azad Foundation has launched a project in partnership with British Council. The project is called DOSTI and it aims to positive change in social behaviors and activities in at-risk children and youth connected with streets in 2 vulnerable communities of Karachi. The duration of the project is one year. Peace building, conflict resolution and promotion of tolerance are some of its aims.

Sports for Development

Azad Foundation opted for deinstitutionalization in late 2011 and started service provision on streets later next year through mobile units and social mobilizers. Sports for development is the next evolutionary stage of the same strategy. Sport is recognized globally as means of healthy development of both children and adult. It is also proven to be the perfect vehicle for human development and peace-building in the society. Azad Foundation is utilizing the power of sports to engage children and vulnerable communities for protective and preventive measures.

Drug Abuse Treatment & HIV/AIDs Prevention

This pilot project was initiated in 2007 to lower the susceptibility of street children to drug addiction and HIV/AIDS through improved effectiveness of public institutions and NGO delivery of services in collaboration with UNODC Pakistan. Almost 800 Children Living and/or Working on Streets were rehabilitated during this project.


In the year 2005, Azad Foundation and UNICEF got into partnership for provision of prevention and protection services through 4 drop-in centers to the street children in Karachi, policy and procedure development with government and awareness raising among masses during project tenure. During this project many successes were seen and new interventions have born out of it such as Sports for Development, Sindh Task Force on Street Children, Sindh Technical Working Group on Child Protection, Minimum Standards for Package of Services for Children Living and/or Working on Streets and Street to Satellite; a radio show for Children Living and/or Working on Streets. The project evolved after full adaptation of AF deinstitutionalization strategy in year 2012 and service provision through centers has been replaced by mobile units of the same capacity and having ability to reach out to much larger population of Children Living and/or Working on Streets. The project reached out to over 8,000 Children Living and/or Working on Streets during its tenure.

Mobile Dispensary

With support from corporate sector in Karachi and other private donors Azad Foundation started a mobile dispensary unit in 2003 to address healthcare and disease problems of street children in Karachi. It was very first project of Azad Foundation which marked a huge success and 2,000 Children Living and/or Working on Streets in Karachi benefited from this service. This project evolved into rehabilitation and drop in center, ‘Dasak’ as its logical end.