Become a Partner

1. Corporate Partnership

Companies can help the street connected children and the communities where they operate in many ways, including through philanthropic activities. A true partnership between a company and an NGO is not rely solely on financial contributions. As a partner and independent organizations you can bring together distinct views, expertise and resources to work towards common goals.


We know that you understand your responsibility as corporate and would like to make a positive change in the lives of those who lack even basic necessities of life. Please join to change the lives of street connected children. It not just money, it’s the will to bring about a change. Help us in order to help those who really need it

Project Funding:

We would love to initiate new projects with the help to socially responsible corporates, you help us initiate new ideas enabling us to help the children in a much better way. Just one project can change lives of thousands of children across the country. These children desperately need your help.

2. Strategic Partnership

Let us help you to accomplish your social and business goals. We can help corporates by lessons learnt and we both can help each other by sharing knowledge, expertise and capacity building. By helping us you can have a social friendly brand image which in turn will result in increased business.

3.Implementing Partner

We have been involved with street children since 2001 and have made a difference, and have achieved various mile stones. We have the vision, capacity, on ground experience and trained staff. We would be very happy if we can be any help to any of the organizations working for the betterment of street children. Lets us help you implement your programs and achieve desired results so together we can help street connected children.

4.Organizational Donation

No organization has to bound themselves if they want to help us, and would like help us solely in financially. You can make your contributions by making an online donation or to our banks. Your small contributions will make a huge difference to the lives of children living/working on the streets.

(Such as every employee donates his/her one day salary or any other amount)