Mobile Unit

Azad Foundation plans to start a synergistic initiative to sponsor mobile child protection unit in Pakistan. The initiative will be implemented in Pakistan through the help of donors. This Plan will help to reach street children through this mobile unit, visiting slums, marginalized communities and prevent the children from becoming street children.

A mobile child protection van with equipment and supplies for basic will help educate the street connected children, and help will form a better understanding for the social society and Government stake holders regarding the issues and reasons of children becoming street children.


Through the activities, it would be easier recognized the basic issues and their needs. This mobile unit will be equipped with activity based learning material, multi media screens for the basic information of the children.

Mobile child protection unit will help improve safety of children in remote communities. It will also educate and prevention from about drug abuse, sexual exploitation, health and hygiene, basic living skills and child rights.

The team of Mobile Child Protection Unit (MCPU) caseworkers along with a psychologist will visit different areas of the city to make initial contact with street children and educated them about aforementioned and refer them to other partners for rehabilitation and reintegration.

The initial target is contact around 8000 children in first year with help of just one mobile unit. Which in the case of a city as big as Karachi (Financial and Commercial hub of Pakistan) is very small, but this will be the first step towards the betterments of street connected children.

It will also help us fill in the gaps in research, formulate better policy and programming and strong advocacy efforts to help such children to become a useful part for their families and society.

Funds Required.

In order to reach a larger part of city living in slums the mobile unit team will consist of one psychologist, 2 case workers. This unit will also have activity based skill learning material. It is estimated that around US$ 65,000 will be required per annum.

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