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Our Volunteer Programme

Why Volunteer?

It is rewarding: as volunteering gives you an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives. You can use your skills and experience to help and enrich the communities around the globe.

It improves job prospects and employability:Volunteering can enhance your future employment prospects and enable employers to see that you have developed the necessary skills you may need in their organisation. It is especially useful during job applications and interviews to illustrate the skills you have developed through these voluntary experiences. Exposure and diversity:Volunteering gives you the chance to meet people both from within and outside the organization who you would not normally come across.

Experience:Volunteering gives you a chance to get experience in a field you would like to work in.

Capacity Building:Many of the volunteer projects will include training, which will be useful both on the project and in later life. It also provides you with development opportunities that are not always possible with paid employment, for example; communication and people skills, organisational and time management skills, planning and budgeting skills. It can help open up fresh opportunities and is a way to explore new career paths.

Have fun!  Volunteering is fun and fulfilling, allowing you to experience many diverse opportunities not always available to you elsewhere.

Volunteering with Azad Foundation

The decision to serve as a Azad Foundation Volunteer (AFV), even being at home, is based on a commitment to the Azad Foundation and to its contribution to human rights, child rights and development, and for peace.

It is an oath to uphold rights of the most marginalized group of children, street children, and to incorporate this ideology not just at AF but where you work and live.

As a Azad Foundation Volunteer you have the extraordinary opportunity to create beneficial change and have a positive impact on street children's lives. Even if your assignment is fairly short, it can have a long-term impact and achieve a ripple effect that extends far beyond the immediate beneficiaries of your efforts. Your role as a Azad Foundation Volunteer is that of both facilitator and catalyst. Azad Foundation encourages you to be creative and entrepreneurial in finding ways to develop capacity and to promote and foster volunteerism for child rights and development - both within and beyond the formal framework of your assignment.

Change can only be acheived if masses around the world are engaged. Your actions as a Azad Foundation Volunteer can also inspire others to volunteer and to believe that they too can make a contribution in making universal realization of all the rights of children, a reality.

Azad Foundation Volunteers come from around the globe and many cultural backgrounds, and thanks to this wide variety of perspectives they bring a range of experiences, expectations and approaches. This diversity gives their work a particular dynamism.

Azad Foundation Volunteers are thus part of a global, cumulative effort that integrates volunteerism as a core contribution towards realizing rights of street children, their development and addressing this as a social issue. They are right at the core of our mission.

How to Volunteer and be involved to bring change

Based upon your skills and qualifications you can be assigned any one or more tasks given below:

  • Communication for development
  • Translation
  • Psychosocial Counseling
  • Street Work
  • Non-formal/in-formal education
  • Technical Skill development
  • Sports Coaching
  • Art Therapy
  • Graphics Design
  • Project development and management
  • Training and capacity building
  • Information Technology
  • Research
  • Coordination and facilitation

Please use the form given below to share your qualifations and skills with us. Download it, fill it out and send it at

Click here to download the volunteer form

If you are not in Pakistan or cannot volunteer by being physically at one of our locations, please join us at UN Online Volunteering. Register on this portal and search opportunities from Azad Foundation. You can volunteer online, all your assignments will be given, monitored and evaluated online, using UN online volunteering service.

Selection Process

Once your application is recieved it will be processed by our volunteer programme and you will be called for an interview. Once selected, your information will be filed in our volunteer database and you will be assigned to a programme component. A mentor will also be assigned to you. S/he will be responsible for your capacity building, task administration and evaluation during your work at Azad Foundation.


Welcome to Azad Foundation!

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