Capacity Building

Azad Foundation envisions a world where no child has to live and/or work on streets.

Capacity and Institutional Development of Probation Department

Street connected children often come in contact with law a juvenile justice system. Probation department plays a very important role in diverting these children from a fate of life time crimes to rehabilitation and reintegration. Understanding the importance and the need to strengthen this component of the Home Department, Azad Foundation is working with the Probation Department of Sindh to develop systems and build capacities of both the individuals and the department.

Street Children Resource Center

Azad Foundation with support of UNICEF established a first of its kind street children resource center. This resource center promotes evidence based planning and programming for Children Living and/or Working on Streets. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for capacity building to government officials, civil society members, media affiliates and teachers/students of Universities and Colleges through short/long term training courses and project assignments. Its evidence producing/research and communication for development organs also support the policy advocacy and promotional efforts of Azad Foundation's programmatic interventions. ( )